Kanpoh Steel Holdings is active in five business areas. In addition to construction and automobiles, we operate in industrial fields such as agriculture, household products, and electronics. We have leading-class skills, which contribute to manufacturing by our customers.

Steel distribution and processing industries (Steel Service Center) More details

We process steel and create products based on orders from customers at our Steel Service Centers nationwide. In particular, we boast Japan’s top share by volume for sheet steel processing. In addition, products processed with our superior technologies are supplied to a range of fields, including the automobile industry.

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Manufacturing industries (Steel Products) More details

We carry out business as a major industry player in fields such as steel strapping and steel furring, which we handle as in-house products. These products are finished to their final form in-house, assuring high-quality.

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Sale of building materials

We handle steel furrings, ceiling materials, plasterboard, imported materials and other high-quality, high-performance building materials.

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Interior finishing/
Renovation work

In addition to new construction or renovations for large buildings like commercial facilities and hospitals, we also carry out a wide range of work, such as when tenants start or finish using facilities.

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We ship steel and other products manufactured within our group. Using the links between the various departments in our group, we provide customers with low cost shipping with attention to detail.

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